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Experienced Tanzanian Guides

  • We work with only the best naturalist/drivers, who are experienced and expert in all aspects of the Tanzanian ecosystem and are consistently requested by professional photographers and other animal professionals who travel to Tanzania. These guides also have deep knowledge of and connections within the various tribal cultures in the region. Our professional, caring, and friendly guides receive top wages as we recognize their skills, value, and key role in creating an unforgettable experience for our guests.



Extraordinary Service

  • From the first time you call to inquire about traveling with Awaken to Africa, you will recognize our commitment to providing you with unparalleled service. No question will go unanswered; no concern will go unaddressed. From beginning to end, you will know that we are attending to every detail required to make your journey first-rate, comfortable, joyful, and safe. We will work closely with you during the planning of your safari to customize your itinerary based on your interests.

  • All arrangements for your trip, including internal airfares, transfers, visas, and dietary considerations will be covered. We will also work with you to book your international airfare if you choose.

Value, Depth, and Responsibility

  • The fact that we are a Tanzanian/American company makes us unique as a local tour operator, offering deep contacts within the Tanzanian community as well as the service and organization that discriminating travelers expect.

  • Each year we spend a month traveling in the country, checking out new properties and connecting with our Tanzanian suppliers to build strong relationships. We know Tanzania!

  • We are both the tour agent and the ground operator, which means that we do not contract our ground services to another company. We have our own naturalists/drivers, we schedule the lodgings and activities, and we own our vehicles, which are customized Toyota Land Cruisers with window seats for every passenger and specially customized open roofs that are designed for photographers.


A Commitment to Tanzania

  • We support low-impact, responsible, and ethical tourism and recognize that Tanzania is one of few countries in the world to allocate more than 25% of its total area to wildlife parks and game reserves. We are firmly convinced that responsible tourism helps Tanzania preserve this fragile wilderness by contributing to the country’s overall economic base as a critical Tanzanian industry.

  • We are committed to community-based tourism and have initiated relationships to support local projects, among them:
    • Neema Crafts, a workshop dedicated to providing dignity, hope, and a sustainable future to young deaf and physically disabled people in southern Tanzania through extensive training and employment in creating traditional handicrafts,
    • Wamata Orphanage in Tengeru, a home for children who have been affected by the AIDS crisis and whose parents are too ill to care for them or have died.

An Unforgettable Journey

  • Let Tanzania enlighten and thrill you. We invite you to experience untamed nature—the spectacular Tanzanian wildlife amid an awe-inspiring landscape—and the culture of this beautiful country and its people.
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